Birthday Parties

Itsy Bitsy Bashes provides the perfect hands-off birthday party entertainment experience for the littlest of party goers! We are the best solution for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th birthday parties! Our play area is extremely clean, insanely fun, and incredibly safe! We can provide endless climbing and fun for your next event!

Community Events

The Itsy Bitsy Bashes Toddler Play Area is an excellent addition to community events. It provides a safe and CLEAN area for toddlers to play and enjoy themselves, and gives them a break from their stroller or parent's arms. It is perfect for babies and children from 6 month to 4 years of age. Our attendants are there the entire time to keep everything contained, happy, safe, and clean!

Party Planning

Do you need help thinking of a theme for your baby's birthday party? Do you need additional entertainment for older siblings or friends? And no party is complete without a cake and decorations, but where do you even begin?! With Itsy Bitsy Bashes! Let us help you with all of the little details that will give your little superstar the best birthday party they have ever had!

Our Story

Itsy Bitsy Bashes is mommy owned and we are based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. This company was started because there was a void in our area for entertainment solutions for babies and toddlers. I have a toddler of my own, and an incredible amount of experience working with children, so I consider myself an expert in the area of toddler entertainment!

When you hire Itsy Bitsy Bashes for your child's birthday party you get a hands-off, stress free experience in which the parents and children can all enjoy their day. We set up, we play, and we break down. All you have to do is watch your kids have fun!

We clean all of our equipment with antibacerial cleaners after every. single. use. No exceptions. All of our large equipment gets scrubbed with antibacterial wipes until it looks as good as new, and our ball pit balls and building blocks take a nice bleach bath to make sure any germies that were left by the previous partiers are long gone!


Their eyes light up over this ball pit!!

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